STICKER – Sirkler Gull

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Metallic Sliders is a new trend in nail art, and it’s suitable for every season and occasion too! Amazing designs with mirror finish will definitely turn heads! Those sliders can be used with regular nail lacquer, with gel polish and with Aeropuffing technique of course. Metallic Sliders have a thin film and a very strong adhesion layer.

Usage Guidelines: Cap your nails with nail lacquer or gel polish. When working with gel polish, cap with the top coat (if your top coat has a sticky residue after curing, cleanse the surface of the nail with cleanser). Peel the slider off from the sheet using thin tweezers. Place the slider on the nail surface applying pressure accurately. Remove the slider’ edges that stick out from the boundaries of the nail. You should remove them in such a way that there is a small indent of 1 millimeter of your slider from the border of your nail lacquer/ gel polish. Cap your nail art with 1 or 2 layers of top coat, paying a close attention to sealing the edges.

Important Notice: Some Metallic Sliders have really tiny elements – and to successfully peel them off from the sheet you would have to help yourself with the needle. When you need to cut the excesses of your slider, please use the used (utilized, e.g. “seen better days”) nippers. Or sliders contain metal and actually blunt any manicure cutting tool.


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