Cuticle Defender 8 ml

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A “liquid lace” cuticle defender is a professional product that protects the cuticle and surrounding skin & groove walls from the colored gel paste. You can apply your designs without worrying that the client’s skin will get in contact with the colored gel paste. The cuticle defender is easyly removed from the skin with any nail cleansing solution or by simply pulling it with the tweezers. Allergy-free and can be used on any type of skin.

Usage Guidelines:
1. Apply a thin layer of Cuticle Defender on the skin that surrounds your nail.
2. Wait about 60 sec. for Cuticle Defender to be dry to the touch.
3. Proceed with your Aeropuffing design.
4. After capping your nail art with top coat, and once this top coat is dry, remove Cuticle Defender by erasing it with nail cleanser solution or by pulling it off from the skin by tweezers.



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